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Steps to take if you crash a rental car

Wrecking a vehicle is scary enough, but wrecking a rental car can prove even more of a hassle. Here are some practical steps to make your life easier. Immediately following the incident and at the site, call the police and file a report. Be sure to collect all the information from the other driver. This includes their full name and contact information, driver’s license and plate numbers, vehicle information, insurance information, and the exact location of the incident. You should note the names of any passengers involved. Use your cell phone to take photos of the vehicles and the crash site.

What if I crash someone else’s rental car? When it comes to crashing someone else’s rental car there are additional, important questions; Are you listed as an authorized driver? If not, has the authorized renter of the car been contacted? Is the authorized driver available to participate in making a claim? Has the driver filed a police report? Does the driver have insurance? Frequently, renters purchase additional insurance from the rental car company. Be sure to have that paperwork on hand. Verify with your insurance agent the extent of your current coverage. There are different types of insurance to consider. Collision insurance covers the vehicle. Liability insurance covers people and other property. Depending on your specific situation, different actions will need to be taken in order to make sure the driver, the rental car company, and the insurance company get all the information needed to successfully take care of the incident. The good news is that a driver–authorized or not–can claim the rental car as a non-owned temporary vehicle and still be covered by their auto insurance.

It’s smart to ask for help It’s pretty clear that this can all get complicated fast! If you or a family member has suffered a car or auto accident and need help in sorting things out, contact Scott & Wallace immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, compensation for past and future medical costs, and lost wages. It is always free to talk to us. There are no fees or costs unless we win your case. Stay safe and alert on the road!

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